Since 2007 Serving the Women Veteran's Business Community

NextStep Innovation Project

The Mission of the NextStep Innovation Network 

  • is establishedto provide a 21st Century support and assistance platform for
  • entrepreneurial driven urban individuals with
  • ideas and creativity that is marketable and financially rewarding

NextStep Innovation Network is unique because the members and collaborators are all compassionate about helping inner city disadvantaged individuals who are particularly gifted and motivated with creativity and ideas, and who are directly involved or have in their past survived these circumstances themselves, with an understanding or what their role could be in advancing another to succeed.

Our professionals are presently working with at-risk, disadvantaged individuals that demonstrate a strong business acumen with innovative creativity and ideas that could result in an entrepreneurial opportunity with a financial outcome that could alter their lives and the lives of their families. Many have become very successful to return to these communities to give back and help as many as possible to move past their present situations.